About company

Let introduce Lithuanian company "Šaltoji banga" ( transcription - [Shaltoji banga], translation in English - "Cool wave"). Today, due to the professionalism of our company stuff and thanks to partners and clients in Lithuania and neighbour states, "Šaltoji banga" is one of recognized leaders in high-quality service as well as industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment design and installation.

"Šaltoji banga" was established in 1994. The head company office is located in , in the capital of Lithuania. Brunch offices and manufacture department operate in Klaipeda (seaport in Lithuania), in Kaunas and in the outskirts of Vilnius. Currently the company employs about 40 people and more that 20 models of transport. Nowadays there are departments for design, installation, control, maintenance and service of refrigeration equipment in "Šaltoji banga". Since 1998 "Šaltoji banga" is a member of Lithuanian firms working in refrigeration field association.  

The motto of our company - professionalism! We pride ourselves on providing all customers with the highest quality modern production and service! For our clients this means safety, protection and satisfaction!

     We invite YOU to evaluate this personally cooperating and joining hands for a goodwill and successful partnership in refrigeration equipment and technologies field:

  • industrial and commercial cold-storage;
  • food industry, agriculture, medicine technologies;
  • supermarkets', stores', shops' equipment and systems;
  • indoor and outdoor artificial ice rinks;
  • heat recuperation systems;
  • air conditioners;
  • various industrial, commercial trade refrigeration equipment;
  • refrigeration systems' elements, components, accessories;
  • equipment installation, service and maintenance;
  • supervision, automation and provision.

Lets cooperate!

   Ratified by Lithuanian environment ant technical inspection departments licenses and attestations as well as refrigeration equipment manufactures qualifications enable our clients to feel secure about the future and to keep COOL !